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SF Presidio 1
Helping to Improve the Presidio One Project at a Time

Whether it is adding simple sidewalks, improving parking lots, enhancing neighborhoods, upgrading ball fields, or bringing the barrack buildings’ landscape and disabled access up to date, helping to improve the San Francisco Presidio has been very gratifying.  We have participated in over 40 separate projects.

Sun City 1
Having fun between the buildings

Situated between two recreation buildings, this area provides a wonderful outdoor experience for a multitude of activities in a relatively small space.  The stream winds its way through the site creating areas for different uses., It creates drama as it travels from calm to rapids, from ‘cliff’ to ‘broad valley’.  The facility feels very comfortable for an individual, yet can accommodate many people.  It has become a very favorite meeting place for the community.

Outdoor Restaurant

How do you add an outdoor restaurant at the hotel front door and the area is in the parking lot?

  • Add hedging to screen the distractions,
  • Build a structure with vines and infrared heating to create an outdoor space with a ‘roof’
  • Add large palms to call attention to the front door
  • Bring in furniture.
  • Maybe a little vineyard too.
Playing Around

Everyone loves Bocce.  It is a very social game and provides a sense of community.  The players barbeque while playing and the teams share with each other.  The integral Rose Garden provides a place of respite and wonderful color and ties into the Italian theme.