Tuscan Village in Sonoma

Turning an Empty Bald Hill into an Italian Hillside Village

When I unrolled the drawings, I said to myself ‘this looks like a village’.  From the front of the house there was only a little farmhouse entrance.  However as one travelled further into the spaces, arches and structure, the house would grow and grow.  And so the story began….’There was an old fortification, then support buildings were added.  A church and a town plaza.  A moat and bridge, and an abandoned quarry filled up with water.  Leaking, centuries old dams.’  A truly amazing place.

Old salvaged roof tiles and bricks came in from Italy, along with large terracotta pots.  Centuries old, foot worn stone tile came from a French monastery.  The Town Plaza paving stones came from Turkey.  Fountains were carved in France.  And the golden Tuscan colored building stone came from just north of Tulsa.